St. Augustine of Hippo

Episcopal Church


Let us pray together...

Phone Line Prayer


9 PM


(212) 673-5300

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We invite you to worship and celebrate with us

  Fourth Sunday of Easter

8:00  AM     Healing Ministry & Eucharist
10:30 AM    Sung Eucharist
 2-4 PM       Pastoral Visitations

Worship & Program Schedule


  1. 8:00 AM    Healing Ministry & Eucharist

  2. 10:30 AM  Sung Eucharist

  3. 2-4 PM      Pastoral Visitations


  1. 12 Noon  Healing Service

  2. 6:30 PM  Christian Education Class (Seasonal)

  3. 9 PM       Phone Line Prayer


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Join us to hear the full sermon

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