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We invite you to worship with us

March 26, 2017

Fourth Sunday in Lent

8:00 AM        Healing Ministry & Eucharist
9:00 AM        Spanish Healing Ministry & Eucharist
10:30 AM      Main Choral Eucharist
2:00 PM        Haitian Creole Eucharist

Lectionary Readings for March 26th

Worship Schedule


12 Noon Healing Service

9 PM Phone Line Prayer


  1. 8 AM Healing Ministry & Eucharist

  2. 9 AM Spanish Healing Ministry & Eucharist

  3. 10:30 AM Main Choral Eucharist

  4. 2 PM Haitian Creole Eucharist

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Mourning, Thirst and Hunger… 
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